214 Fuzz

Price: USD200 + shipping

The 214 Fuzz is definitely not a one-kind-of-tone fuzz, itʼs an incredibly versatile pedal.


Bias (Gate) control, Ganho (Gain), Baxandall EQ (1kHz and 5kHz) or Low Pass Filter with cutoff frequency control and resonance. Expression pedal input or CV control and octave toggle.


We donʼt want you to get stuck to a specific kind of tone, thatʼs why we gave you all the tools to get wherever you want to.

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Tech Specs
  • Designed and built in Brasília-DF, Brazil

  • 100% analog circuit

  • Dimensions: 121mm x 67mm x 57mm

  • Current draw: 9.5mA

  • Tension and polarity: 9VDC (negative center barrel)

  • Wima and Vishay Polyester capacitors

  • Nichicon and Sprague Electrolytic capacitors

  • Metal film resistors 1% tolerance

  • Alpha e Mammoth electronics potentiometers

  • Switchcraft and Neutrik jacks

  • Ganho (Gain)

  • Volume

  • Bias

  • Toggle - Octave

  • Toggle - Equalizador (EQ) or Filtro (Filter)

  • 1kHz or Freq

  • 5kHz or Q

  • EXP/CV input - offers control over the FREQ knob

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